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Alternatives for free eye exams

Eye exams are valuable in detecting vision problems before they could get worse. However, eye exams are rarely included in health insurance making lots of people disregard this important aspect of their health. If in case your insurance does not provide this, you can find other alternatives by checking free eye exams to make you aware of your eye condition. Lots of organizations offer free eye exams for certain conditions. These kinds of program usually comprise of varied eligibility requirements. Below are some of them:

1. Vision USA gives free eye exams and other eye care to low-income and uninsured working families. Requirements may differ by state and for you to be eligible for a free eye exam you have to be not covered by insurance and you must not had an eye exam from the last two years. A more detailed information about the program can be found at

2. Eyecare America is an organization that provides free eye exam to senior citizens and people with diabetes. More details about this program can be scanned at

3. InfatSEE is run by American Optometry. This public health program provides free eye exams specifically for babies under one year old. They provide it regardless of the income or insurance status. Information can be downloaded at

4. Sight for Students is a non-profit vision insurance company run by VSP. They work to provide free eye exams and glasses for children less than 18 years of age and have not yet graduated from high school. Their family must have an income two times below the poverty level. You can found more information on this at

5. Lion Club International gives eye care help by means of their local clubs. Both the specifics and requirements for eligibility differ by specific club and available funding.

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