Save money on your eye exam with eye exam coupons

Eye Exam Coupons

It’s important to stay on top of your personal health issues, which includes the health of your eyes. At some point during your lifetime, it’s a pretty good bet that you or someone in your household is going to need to get glasses. However, this doesn’t have to be as daunting an action as you might think.  Eye Exam Coupons will provide you the information you need to make the right decision.

Glasses and contacts can be rather expensive, even with help from insurance. You’re best bet is in finding a reputable company that offers coupons and other deals on various products and exams. This way, you can still get the quality eyewear you need, without the worry of spending more money than needed. The following are a few of the more well known companies and the deals they have to offer.

Wal-Mart Vision Center

Probably one of the most well known names in America, Wal-Mart is famous for their rollback prices and quality service. The same holds true for the Wal-Mart Vision Centers. There are more than 2,500 vision centers across the country, and each is open seven days a week. What’s more is that they are all integrated, so even if you do most of your visits in one location, you can still use their services while visiting another.

Wal-Mart Vision Centers work in conjunction with 1-800-CONTACTS for all their contact needs. Also, they have a wide variety of frames within their stores, so you can pick out the frames of your choice while waiting for your prescriptions to be altered or filled. Finally, each vision center has a full staff of opticians that will do all they can to ensure that your eye care needs are met.

Wal-Mart Vision Centers use only Hilco A-2 safety frames for their glasses. These frames are more durable and much safer than your typical frames, and yet, you’d never be able to tell the difference from any other set of frames. Also, they cater to the needs of those who need special safety glasses for their job, and offer these type of glasses for as low as $29. Now that’s a Wal-Mart deal.


Anyone who wears glasses will tell you that choosing the right pair of frames is essential to adding to your own personal style. Lenscrafters is one of the nation’s top sellers of top of the line, stylish frames. They’re renowned for helping their clients choose just the right frames to not only fit their faces, but their lifestyles as well. They offer frames made by some of the biggest names in the business, such as Prada and Ray-Ban.

Though they are a retailer of high end frames, they understand that there are times when their customers still need to save some money. That’s why Lenscrafters has created an entire page on their website, filled with a wide range of discounts on everything from non-prescription sunglasses to glasses designed for children. Many Lenscrafters locations have opticians on the spot that will do your eye exam right then and there.

Just because you have to wear prescription glasses, doesn’t mean you need to give up style. At Lenscrafters, you can get your eyes checked and choose the most stunning pair of frames you’ve ever seen. Plus, you can save money on both prescription and non-prescription glasses for the whole family. And there is nothing more stylish than saving money without giving up taste.

Pearle Vision

Another of the nation’s top vision centers, Pearle Vision offers a touch of class while still catering to the entire family. Pearle Vision started out as the office of Dr. Stanley Pearle, but became one of the premier optical centers of the country. Thanks to Dr. Pearle’s unique ability to combine quality eye care with an incredible business savvy, Pearle Vision has shaped the way we look at optical visions centers today.

Pearle Vision works with every member of the family, from Mom and Dad, to the kids, to the older members of the family. And as for eye exams, you can set up an appointment at any of their locations throughout the country, or you can visit their website and set up an appointment online. They also offer special deals through their website, including deals on glasses, contacts, and even eye exams.

They also offer a wide variety of brand name frames that are sure to meet the standards of anyone wanting to show off their style. Plus, they offer a 0 payment option and a 0 interest plan if your account is paid in full within 6 months. At Pearle Vision, they understand that looking good doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Perhaps that’s what they mean when they say nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.

Empire Vision Centers

Knowing that regular eye exams are important, it can be somewhat daunting if you have a large family. At Empire Vision Centers, they understand this and go out of their way to ensure that you and your family get the best possible eye care without having to spend a ton of money. They’ve been working to give their clients the best care for the lowest prices since 1978, and have since grown into a well rounded national company.

Not only does Empire Vision take pride in helping you save money during your regular visits, they also offer several promotional discounts from their website. From coupons and rebates, to their 20/20 program where you can save as much as $100 on your contact lenses. They understand that you can’t afford to spend all your hard earned money, so they do everything they can to help you save even more during your visit.

At Empire Vision Centers, walk-ins are welcome. They encourage their clients to do whatever it takes to keep their eyes in top condition, and even offer special rates on complete eyeglass packages. Ask your Empire Vision optician about Pinnacle Lenses. These are the safest, lightest non-glare lenses you can buy, and are now available at all Empire Vision Centers. Now, you can have the best eyes in the Empire.

America’s Best

If you’ve ever wondered how this company could call themselves by such a name, you’ve obviously never visited any of their branch locations. This company goes to great lengths to offer their customers the best glasses, contacts, and eye exams at the lowest prices possible. They can do this as they are one of the largest purchasers of overstock frames, which allows them to drastically cut costs.

America’s Best has a unique program called the Eye Care Club. With this program, you can save hundreds of dollars. You can get up to 5 free eye exams, as well as huge discounts on all your contact lenses. Choose from a 3 year or 5 year plan, which will save you anywhere from $500 to $900 dollars. That makes any eye exam a lot less scary and less painful for your wallet.

The biggest offer at America’s Best is their 2 pair deal. That’s 2 pair of glasses, for either adults or children, for one low price. Plus, this offer comes with a free eye exam and your choice of any of their designer brand names, such as Calvin Klein and Donna Karen. So, the next time you’re in need of a great deal on your eye health, don’t just go anywhere in America, go to America’s Best.

JC Penney Optical Center

When most people think about JC Penney’s, they think fashion and good taste. However, they now also mean keeping up your appearance with a beautiful set of glasses or contacts. The optical centers at JC Penney’s accept most all eye care plans, and even have a special discount rate for members of AARP. They also have a wide variety of brand named frames to choose from, such as Liz Clairborne and Armani.

Check out their website for their latest coupon offers. They’ve got deals for the entire family, including the kids. Plus, they give you options on the latest trends and even help you find a location near you. You can either set up an eye exam appointment by phone, or through their website. Do you have any questions about your eye care? The specialists at the JC Penney Optical Centers are highly trained and will do all they can to answer all your questions.

When it comes to keeping up your sense of fashion, JC Penney isn’t just for your clothes anymore. With the JC Penney Optical Centers, you can show off your style from head to toe. With name brand frames, special offers right from their website, and trained specialists, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit your local JC Penney Optical Center today.

Eye Exam Coupons knows the health of your eyes is just as important as the health of the rest of your body. By visiting any of the afore mentioned vision centers, you know that you’ll get the best care for your dollar, as well as the most stylish frames around. If you prefer contacts, there are plenty of great deals that will ensure that you have an endless supply at your beck and call. No matter what your budget, there’s a vision center out there designed just for you.